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  • Gain the ability to construct a bespoke sustainability innovation strategy uniquely suited to your organisation’s objectives and ambitions.

What is #InnovationMasterclass?

In the high-stakes arena of modern business, sustainability and innovation form an unbeatable duo. Faced with an evolving landscape of challenges, companies are finding that a sustainable pivot isn’t merely an option—it’s a strategic imperative for enduring success and growth. Ignoring the call for innovation in sustainability can be a costly mistake, potentially affecting the future potential of an organisation. #InnovationMasterclass aims to empower leaders with the insights and tools to champion sustainable innovation, transforming their organisations into leaders of the pack.

What are the objectives?

Our #InnovationMasterclass delves into the fascinating realm of sustainability innovation and its profound impact on contemporary organisations. We will share ground-breaking sustainability endeavours and equip you with an arsenal of practical strategies to not merely survive but flourish in such a dynamic landscape.

Our proven methodology for sustainable success

Through a combination of tested organisational strategies, we guide and empower you to build an unwavering, sustainable innovation culture within your organisation using our unique approach:
  • FRESH Framework: Using Grasp Guru’s proprietary tool as your compass, it reveals uncharted territories of business prospects and avenues for operational upgrades. The FRESH Framework isn’t just a methodology; it’s your pathway to sustainable and innovative business growth.
  • Measurability:

    Grasp Guru and LLM will work with organisations to agree clear KPIs tailored to your needs and the course objectives.

  • Format:

    Our #InnovationMasterclass programme includes a workshop and follow up consulting and coaching sessions for a minimum of 3 months to embed new learning and help provide support for active learning. You can choose between in-person or online Zoom sessions, ensuring flexibility, accessibility, and effectiveness.

  • Size:

    Our workshops accommodate up to 20 participants to ensure quality interaction. For larger groups, we recommend extra sessions.

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Success Stories

GRASP Innovation Methodology Training, Shanghai 2021, Platinum To Make Platinum Guild International The Jewellery Category's Premier Innovator.

Platinum Guild International (PGI) China’s Innovation agenda was taken to the next level by successfully implementing our GRASPTM methodology Innovation programme. Conducted online and in-person at workshops over six months, it involved three phases:
  1. Preparation for customising an effective program and team grouping for 40 innovation champion participants. We carefully detailed and curated the work issues for discussion, such as discovering new business ideas, creating an innovation success loop and consolidating/growing reach on the PGI website – all focused on testing and implementing feasible solutions. We also developed courseware and set dates for sessions.

  2. Imparting and applying knowledge using immersive and experiential learning environments that included real-life work issues. Creative Problem Solving and Facilitator Leadership were integrated into the learning experience, giving participants a practical understanding of applying the theory. It was a highly immersive environment where real work issues were explored and could be translated into tangible workplace applications. Experienced mentorship and offline assignments supported the finalising of projects.

  3. Market engagement, robust research, brainstorming and refining of prototypes enable staff to level up proficiency in applying GRASPTM.

Benefits to PGI included;

  • GRASP tools enabled innovation to play a transformative role in 8 of PGI’s key projects.
  • Improved practical applications for these real-life project executions
  • A better understanding of universally versatile innovation tools in GRASPTM
  • Advances in problem-solving capabilities and more efficient presentation skills
  • Successful completion of the programme with tangible outcomes.

"I was really impressed by LLM's Innovation program – it was exactly what our organisation needed. The workshop was expertly planned and structured, with excellent interaction with the facilitators and mentors. I really appreciated the levels of flexibility the LLM team showed in terms of the language – providing sessions in Mandarin and English – and incorporating the tools that the team are already familiar with. Far from being a theoretical exercise, the workshop was centred around our needs and upcoming projects and deliverables. Everyone really enjoyed the workshop, and we all learnt something valuable from it. It was a great investment."

Pui Poon,

Managing Director, PGI

About Grasp Guru

GRASP Guru specialises in innovation and design thinking, powered by the proprietary GRASPTM enhanced design thinking methodology. We offer customisable innovation tools and solutions for application in any industry, catering to unique operational needs. We help organisations envision the future, blending inspiration with practicality across myriad user-profiles and organisational goals. 

About the consultant

JOEL ALEXANDER NG, CEO, Founder and Principle Trainer of Grasp Guru and Senior Partner at LLM

Joel is the Inventor, Master Trainer and published author of the proprietary GRASPTM methodology with over 20 years of innovation experience. He enables leaders to create a holistic and innovative problem-solving toolkit by combining design thinking, behavioural insights, and lean processing principles. He empowers individuals to solve problems, enhance situations, or invent something new using the GRASPTM methodology. His critically acclaimed book ‘Innovation within GRASPTM – the Ultimate Cheatbook in Innovative Solutioning’, supports his forward-thinking approach. Joel has led numerous national-level innovation, smart design programmes and hackathons to tackle issues impacting multinational companies.

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